Code # Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Dosage Form Development Stage Key Points
BS-102 Docetaxel trihydrate
(Cytotoxic anticancer drug)
IV powder Preclinical
  • Non-toxic excipients ⇒ Toxicity ↓
  • Selected as a promising cancer nanomedicine candidate by NCL (Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory) ⇒ PK test in progress by NCL in the United States
BS-104 Sorafenib tosylate
(Targeted anticancer drug)
Tablet Clinical
  • Avoidance of infringement of existing patents related to crystal form & formulation
  • Bioavailability ↑ & Dose ↓ ⇒ Unabsorbed drug particles in the gut ↓ ⇒ Toxicity ↓
  • Phase I clinical trial (pilot study) completed in South Korea
  • Planning to conduct a Phase 1 clinical trial (bioequivalence study) in 2020
BS-112 Rivaroxaban
(Anticoagulant drug)
Tablet Clinical
  • Bioavailability at fasted state ↑ Food effect ↓ ⇒ Patient convenience ↑