Company Overview

Bio-Synectics is an innovator charting new frontiers in delivery systems utilizing its proprietary nanoparticles technology.
We provide specialist solutions for the difficulties arising from the poor solubility of many active ingredients in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic products.

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Bio-Synectics is a company specialized in the technology of nanoparticles. Since founded in 2004, we have been focusing our efforts to develop technologies that can be used to make nanoparticles of poorly soluble ingredients.

As the poor solubility is a major challenge in the development of new drug product, our technologies provide powerful drug delivery system solutions for pharmaceutical companies. We have built a GMP facility successfully to manufacture nanoproducts. We have registered the patents of our platform technologies worldwide. We hope our technologies to be also used as strategic tools in the life cycle management of marketed drug products.

The poor solubility problem of active ingredients also exists in the functional foods and cosmetics sectors. We target to develop and provide value-added ingredients with the advantage of overcoming the poor solubility. We are providing HydroParticle series branded ingredients to be used by our customers to make more bioavailable and consumer friendly nutraceutical or cosmetic products.

We are always open for collaborations and want to make partnerships. We know that the success of our partners is the basis of our success.