NUFS™ stands for nanoparitculation using fat and supercritical/subcritical fluid.
Fat (i.e. solid lipid) and supercritical fluid are the key components of NUFS™ to make nanocrystals.

NUFS™ Manufacturing Process

Target drug of NUFS™

The target drugs of NUFS™ are poorly water-soluble organic compounds, which are classified as BCS Class 2 or 4. NUFS™ can increase both dissolution rate and/or apparent solubility.

Characteristics of NUFS powder

As you can see in the video, NUFS powder has a good flowability. It is non-volatile and static electricity free so it is easier to handle. It is because the powder itself is not nano-sized but 10 to 100 um sized. However, when it is dispersed in water, the hydrophilic excipients are dissolved so the API acts as nanoparticles in aqueous environments like our bodies.

  • NUFS Powder

Applicable Dosage Form

NUFS powder can be applied to various dosage forms not only tablets but also IV or inhalation powder, etc.

Effectiveness of NUFS™