Nanoparticulation Technology

The approach Bio-Synectics takes to solve the problem of poor solubility is the nanoparticulation, decreasing the particle size of active ingredients into the range of nanoparticles.
By nanoparticulation we can expect the following benefits.

Enhanced oral bioavailability

The nanoparticulation will enormously increase the surface area of the active ingredients, which will lead to much faster dissolution of the ingredients in the gastrointestinal tract and following enhanced absorption into the blood stream. It is also known that nanoparticulation helps to decrease the variances of bioavailability caused by food effect or inter-individual difference.

Parenteral formulations with lower risk and better efficacy

Without using toxic surfactants or organic solvents we can develop water-dispersible drug products by making nanoparticulate dispersions for injectable, topical, and inhalation routes. In case of intravenous administration of anticancer drugs we expect enhanced permeability and retention effect induced by the physical characteristics of nanoparticle dispersion.