HydroParticle Products

HydroParticle products are value-added branded nutraceutical or cosmetic ingredients to which the nanoparticulaton platform technologies of Bio-Synectics are applied. We selected the ingredients scientifically proven and widely used but due to their poor solubility their functionalities are compromised and their applications in consumer products are limited, and then we developed them into HydroParticle products.
Nutraceutical HydroParticle products may enhance the bioavailability of poorly water soluble ingredients and enable them conveniently incorporated into various type functional foods such as beverage, powder sachet, gummy, jelly, etc.
Cosmetic HydroParticle products allow the dispersion of poorly water soluble ingredients in water-base not oil-base, so enable easy incorporation of the ingredients into various types of cosmetic formulations in high concentrations with enhanced efficacy and stability profiles.
Bio-Synectics manufactures the HydroParticle products in its GMP facility with strict quality management standards. We will continue our effort to provide more bioavailable and formulation friendly ingredients to the customers in the global market for better nutraceutical and cosmetic products.