Curcumin is a natural ingredient extracted from turmeric rhizome. Its health benefits such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer have been proven by numerous scientific researches. And it is known that curcumin promotes healthy liver and brain function. But curcumin’s poor solubility limits its benefits and makes its application very difficult. HydroCurcumin™ enables solution-like dispersion of curcumin so that it can be used for various products with better bioavailability.
In an in-vivo test in rats to compare HydroCurcumin™ with raw curcumin, HydroCurcumin™ showed about ten times higher absorption profiles (AUC 9 times, Cmax 12 times).
And also we affirmed that HydroCurcumin™ has a strong anti-hangover efficacy through lowering the level of acetaldehyde.

[Figure1] Mean plasma concentration-time profiles of total curcumin in rats after administration of raw curcumin and HydroCurcumin™ (50mg/kg body weight of curcumin, mean ± SD, n=5)

[Figure2] Mean plasma concentration of acetaldehyde in SD rats(n=8) with or without intake of HydroCurcumin™ (50mg/kg by curcumin) and successive intake of 30% ethanol(10ml/kg)

Appearance Yellow powder
Curcuminoid content m.t. 50%
Loss on drying n.m.t. 5 %
Heavy metals n.m.t. 10 ppm
Total microbial count n.m.t. 1000 cfu/g
Yeast & mold n.m.t. 100 cfu/g
Salmonella & E.Coli Negative
Packaging : Units of 1kg, 5kg and 10kg
Shelf life : 24 months stored in a cool and dry place