CoQ10(Coenzyme Q10) is a naturally occurring substance that plays a vital role in cellular energy production. The concentrations of CoQ10 are especially high in organs with the highest energy requirement such as the heart, liver, kidney and brain. CoQ10 is produced by the liver but its production is decreased by aging. It is a strong anti-oxidant and its function for heart and brain health is well supported by many scientific researches, but due to its extreme poor solubility the oral bioavailability of CoQ10 is very limited.
With HydroCoQ10™ it is easily possible to make a solution-like dispersion of CoQ10, so it can be used not only for dietary supplements but also for various functional food products with better consumer convenience and bioavailability.
Its effectiveness in terms of bioavailability enhancement in comparison with emulsified CoQ10 has been proven with an in-vivo test (Hyang-Mok OK et al. 2012. J Korean Soc Appl Biol Chem 55, 619-623).

[Figure] Time curves of total CoQ10 in plasma of rats after oral administration (60mg Coenzyme Q10/kg body weight of rat as a single dose, n=9)

Appearance Yellow powder
CoQ10 content m.t. 40 %
Loss on drying n.m.t. 5 %
Heavy metals n.m.t. 10 ppm
Total microbial count n.m.t. 1000 cfu/g
Yeast & mold n.m.t. 100 cfu/g
Salmonella & E.Coli Negative
Packaging : Units of 1kg, 5kg and 10kg
Shelf life : 24 months stored in a cool and dry place