Cosmetic Products

Many functional cosmetic ingredients with various efficacies such as antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, whitening, anti-inflammatory, etc. are widely used but in many cases their solubility is very low, so it is quite difficult to incorporate them into final consumer products in enough quantities to fully take advantage of their efficacies.
Cosmetic HydroParticle ingredients of Bio-Synectics allow solution-like dispersions of poorly water soluble ingredients. So without using organic solvents or oils it is feasible to make various types premium cosmetic consumer products with high concentrations of functional ingredients.
By applying HydroParticle incorporated cosmetic products on the skin, we can expect increased concentration gradient and enormously enlarged contact area between particle surface and the skin, and as a result, increased skin penetration of active materials.
Product Name Main Ingredient CAS No. Content Functionality
HydroCQ40 Ubiquinone (CoQ10) 303-98-0 40% Antioxidant, Anti-wrinkle
HydroRV40 Resveratrol 501-36-0 40% Antioxidant, Skin-soothing, Whitening
HydroFA50 Ferulic Acid 1135-24-6 50% Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory
HydroTECA40 Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiatic Acid 84696-21-9 40% Skin-soothing, Anti-wrinkle
HydroCW40 Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 36062-04-1 40% Whitening
HydroOA50 Oleanolic Acid 508-02-1 50% Antioxidant, Skin-soothing