(IMD of Taxotere®, IV)

BS-102 is a cytotoxic anticancer drug and a microtubule inhibitor indicated for breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, etc. It is an incrementally modified drug (IMD) of Taxotere®. By using NUFS™ technology, unlike Taxotere®, BS-102 can be developed as an IV (intravenous) nano-suspension without using ethanol and polysorbate 80 that often cause hypersensitivity reactions. Therefore, it can reduce the adverse reactions.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient : Docetaxel trihydrate
Indication : Breast cancer, Non-small cell lung cancer, Castration-resistant prostate cancer, Gastric adenocarcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
Development Objective : Decrease in toxicity to improve patient convenience
R&D status : Confirmation of reduced toxicity through preclinical trials
  • No hazardous excipients

    → No severe hypersensitivity reactions
    → No need for premedication

BS-102 Powder

BS-102 Suspension

  • Lyophilized powder for IV Injection
  • Particle size: ~ 200 nm
  • The same efficacy & less toxicity compared to Taxotere®
mg/kg, qdx5
Paralysis (%)
Taxotere® BS-102
0 0 0
10 0 0
15 0 0
20 33 0
25 60 0
30 100 0
  • Preclinical trials conducted in Asan medical center in Korea
  • PK test in progress by NCL, the organization established by NCI in collaboration with FDA and NIST, in the United States